Alissa Phelps

Alissa Phelps

doctor of chiropractic

Alissa Phelps, DC received her doctor of chiropractic degree from the University of Western States in Portland, OR. She is nationally board certified in chiropractic and physiotherapy. Dr. Phelps has taken additional courses in fascial stretch therapy, physical rehabilitation, personal training, pilates and yoga instruction, youth sports nutrition, and USA youth triathlon coaching.

Dr. Phelps uses a combination of stretch therapy, dynamic cupping, and muscle scraping therapy to help athletes speed up their recovery, decrease the risk of injuries and enhance athletic performance. Her treatments increase blood flow to muscles, promote mobility and range of motion in joints and muscles, and decrease pain and inflammation.

Stretch therapy is a gentle form of assisted stretching. Proper stretching increases blood flow to muscles to decrease pain and inflammation. Stretching also helps muscles remain elastic to prevent injuries and to perform at high levels. When muscles are appropriately lengthened, they are able to recover more efficiently.

Dynamic cupping therapy is performed with flexible, silicone cups which produce a suction when applied. This suction decompresses the tissue, decreases pain and inflammation, and increases blood flow to the area. This therapy promotes healing and recovery.

Muscle scraping therapy is a soft tissue manipulation technique which uses a tool to glide across the skin and helps stimulate blood flow to help muscles recover quicker. Muscle scraping also breaks up scar tissue which may have developed from injuries and encourages smooth connective tissue repair for proper healing.

Dr. Phelps enjoys working with athletes of all ages and abilities. She has worked with NFL players and professional track and field athletes to weekend warriors and newbie endurance athletes. Whether recovering from intense training or postural stresses from everyday life, limiting the risk of injury in sport or controlling pain from chronic muscle imbalances, or enhancing athletic performance for a competition or a Triplex workout, Dr. Phelps’ individualized treatment will help you reach your goal!